Marie Collins Joins Vatican Commission for the Protection of Minors

Dublin abuse survivor, Marie Collins, now advises Pope Francis on child protection and is a member of the only Vatican commission with direct access to him. Marie got the invitation to join the Vatican Commission for the Protection of Minors last year and believes it arose from a 2012 Vatican symposium on child protection she attended. She is aware of the commission’s uniqueness. “If you go back 10 years, who would believe the Vatican would invite so many lay people, women and survivors, right into its heart to advise?” she says. Recently, the commission has agreed on an annual Day of Prayer for Survivors of Abuse….Read More (PDF)

Bicentenary of Educator and Founder of the Salesian Order John Bosco

August is the birth Bicentenary of great educator and founder of the Salesian Order, Saint John Bosco. His original name was Giovanni Melchiorre Bosco, who later became better known as Don Bosco and to most of us in English speaking world, as St John Bosco. To mark the bicentenary, Pope Francis sent a letter to the Salesian Order, which John Bosco founded, in which he described his vision as “love in action, reaching out to those most in need”…Read More (PDF)