Following in the Footsteps of Jesus


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Pagola affirms that we can best perceive the truth of the Gospel by meditating long on the words of Jesus. Heartfelt familiarity with the Gospels inspires us with his love for the world, builds up enthusiasm for the Kingdom of God, and makes room for his Spirit to rest in us. We are invited to begin or begin again with these meditations.

Following in the Footsteps of Jesus Year C offers a guide for reading Sunday Gospels and meditating Homilies every week for Year C of the Liturgical Cycle.


José Antonio Pagola is a Professor at St. Sebastian Seminary and at the Faculty of Theology of Northern Spain. He has served as rector of the diocesan seminary and Vicar General of the same diocese. He has dedicated his life to Biblical studies and Christology and has done research on the historical Jesus for more than 30 years. He is author of numerous books including the bestselling Jesus: An Historical Approximation.


“What Pagola impresses upon readers is that fact that following Jesus is serious business and not to be taken lightly. In the introduction Pagola makes the point: ‘People change from within’. Perhaps one of the most serious problems of our religion is that we do not change, because only what flows through our hearts changes our lives, and frequently is not the vital sap of Jesus that passes through our hearts”. — National Federated Priests Council

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