High-Quality Leadership


Ruth Sean

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Everyone can exercise leadership whether or not they are in a position of authority. High-Quality Leadership: A Self-Assessment Guide for Individuals and Teams enables people to assess their own leadership qualities and gives guidance on how to lead effectively whether individually or as part of a pastoral council or parish team. Each chapter contains a brief section on the theoretical aspects of leadership along with a set of questions that help individuals and groups to assess their skills in this area.

As well as examining leadership at both an individual and a group level, this approach also looks at their leadership in the context of change and liberation. In particular, it explores the implications for leadership of working with diverse groups of people, with different social identities (e.g. age, gender, culture, nationality, class and so on), facing issues of inequality, marginalisation and oppression. It lays stress on the key role of leadership as a resource for liberation.

The guide also highlights practical issues and difficulties around such processes as authority, decision making, conflict resolution, attacks, listening and influencing.

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