Sending Out Roots: Helping Parents and Teachers to Share the Faith


Eipers Carole M.

Author(s): Carole M. Eipers

ISBN13: 9781847302441

ISBN10: 1847302440

Publisher: Veritas

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This is a book written for parents and teachers to help them see the ways they already share faith with their children while suggesting new ways they also might like to try. It affirms the holiness of family life and the teaching ministries, and calls those engaged in these vocations to recognise and enhance what they do, in their own living of the faith and in their sharing and teaching of that faith.

Carole M. Eipers reflects on scripture and the documents of the Church, particularly the six dimensions of faith formation in the General Directory of Catechesis, which set forth a vision for catechesis. Drawing on her forty years experience as a parent and catechist, Carole further illuminates this vision with her own stories and anecdotes.

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