The Sevenfold Yes


Author: Lambert
Publisher: Ave Maria
ISBN: 9781594710346
Format: Paperback
Page Count:
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Say yes to the very best in your life! At the heart of spirituality is a yes to life. The Sevenfold Yes, an affirmation of life’s goodness and meaning, is at the very center of the spirituality of St. Ignatius whose motto was to “find God in all things.” Author Willi Lambert invites readers to reflect on what they consider to be the very best aspects of their lives and to say yes in a new and deeper way to them. Each chapter corresponds to a particular part of the Spiritual Exercises, making this an excellent introduction for the newcomer or a companion book for the retreatant. Practical prayer exercises and insightful reflection questions help the reader to recognize God’s call in the desires of one’s heart and in the events of everyday life. Retreat directors, too, will find this a helpful resource.

Lambert, Author

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