Through the Valley: The Way of the Cross for the End of Life


Author(s): Susan Catherine Mitchell

ISBN13: 9781847301741

ISBN10: 1847301746

Publisher: Veritas

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In an increasingly health-conscious society, it often seems that people, when faced with the dying process, view it as an oddity, an aberration, rather than a natural part of life. Through the Valley: The Way of the Cross for the End of Life, takes a fresh look at the way that Jesus walked, and gives practical suggestions on how to take that experience and make it our own in a positive, loving way. It gives hope that we are not alone in our final hours, that we are filled with Divine love as we journey together.

Growing out of the author’s experience as a hospice chaplain companioning the dying and their families, these meditations and prayers are based on the fears and hopes, and joys and sorrows of these individuals, and of the hospice staff who accompanied them.

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